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I quit my job!

February 20, 2007

I find myself every day, seeking happiness. It’s my drive in life to be happy. I have *never* had a problem turning something down, or walking away from something, if I didn’t want it, or it would in anyway bring me down.

Recently I found myself working full time at a strip club, partying while off work, and actually.. Really happy. Or so I thaught.

Each day it took several hours of preperation just to prepare for the mental beating all my co-workers and the drunks where going to put on me that day. All my co-workers crack nonstop gay-jokes on me, just becuase out of my choice, i chose to stop having sex after i turned 18, just to see how long i could last, after getting it for a few years.. *year and a half for those who care*

They think I’m gay, or accuse me of it constantly, they all beat up on me becuase I *REFUSE* to get mad.. I don’t like being mad, and I hate myself if i do get mad. I avoid it at all cost.

However, this last friday I was pretty mad. At no one or nothing particular.. Just in a bad mood. My stomache hurt to.

When you consider your bosses your good friends, it’s really hard to quit a job, and when you work at a strip club, and will get banned from the property if you quit,it’s hard to quit a job. The last year that place has been my life. all the showgirls there and workers are my close friends,and they’ve beocme thefriends I hang out with daily and talk to often.

Friday, i was just soo mad, and since we served alcohol, we had to close at 2 am due to michigan laws, but luckly, our sister club deja vu was 30 second walk away from the front door of our building. and they closed at 4! so i went there, looking for an escape… looking to brighten my spirits but it just made it worst.

I started realizing that this place is a trap, and it honestly pissed me off. I went around to allthe workers, shook their hands and said good bye, told them all it was kinda sitll up in the air as if i was never comeing back or not, but i atleast let them all know that I was thinking about quitting…

Next morning, 10 am.I wake up. Gotta be to work at 11:45… and thats when I made the *GREATEST* choice of my life. I quit my job.

I’m a programmer.I program websites with html, css,php / mysql, i did it often for several hours daily…it’s my dream to own a web development company. I’m actually a few days away of actually owning my own DBA lisence in michigan for my company. anyway, so in the 4 days i’ve been un employed, i’ve picked up javascript, RSS / XML, XHTML *no more tables for me*, some AJAX, and web2.0 style designing.

All I did was simply eliminate a small problem in my life, and now i feel a hundred times better.

i thaught i was happy… I had no idea….

Anyway, I should end this.

My Finger Tips Hurt…